Australian artist Tory Burke is renowned for her contemporary oil paintings and experimental use of textured mixed media. While studying Art and Design at Melbourne School of Art during the 1990’s, Tory began developing her unique aesthetic style. 

Tory has always been inspired by the environment, having previously studied horticulture specialising in indigenous flora and fauna, she is an artist whose work is grounded in observation.  Her artwork features flowers, still life, trees, seascapes, landscapes and an array of exotic birds, breathing life into every canvas. 

Her recent series titled ‘Sea Glimpses’ draws inspiration from Tory’s love of Australian beaches and the belief that a glimpse of the beauty of the ocean has the power to heighten your senses and take your breath away. Each original artwork in this beautifully curated collection depicts a quintessential scene of Australian seaside life, captured in a considered colour palette, culminating in delightful authentic waterfront landscapes. 

Taking inspiration from the still life paintings of Australian modernist painter Margaret Preston, Tory began creating unique works combining Australian ceramics with oil on Italian linen as a medium in her artwork. Designing  a 3D sculptural effect, utilising the signature ‘Johnston of Australia’  ceramics, Tory meticulously shapes the pieces of porcelain, transforming them into the likeness of a bird’s feathers or the delicate petals of a flower. These beautiful collage works are a culmination of the artist’s meticulous eye for colour, texture and design. 

Tory is also the Creative Director of Studio Elwood, an Australian art brand that creates accessible and original limited-edition art prints. Studio Elwood’s pieces have featured in Vogue Living, Australian Home Beautiful, Inside Out and The Age and Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Weekend.

Her commissions are proudly featured in private homes and corporate offices across the country.

  • Blue Lines 3

  • Blue Lines 1

  • Bike Ride to Brighton

  • Elwood Bluff

  • Go City

  • Elwood Bluff View

  • Chinaman's Hat

  • Portsea Jump

  • Shore Break

  • Well Clipped

  • Portsea Cup Race

  • Road To Red Hill

  • Channel Marker

  • Cameron's Bight

  • Green Boat Shed

  • Beach Shack

  • Boats on the Beach

  • Coata Boat Race

  • Heronswood Garden

  • Heronswood View

  • Hotel Sorrento

  • Huey's Rock

  • Koonya Dunes

  • Koonya

  • London Bridge

  • Looking Through

  • Catamarans

  • Portsea Back

  • Portsea Pier

  • Roof Tops

  • Tankers and Sail Boats

  • Sea Glimpse with Agapanthus

  • Gate to Arcana

  • Barcana

  • Shingled House

  • Clifftops

  • Learning to Sail

  • Sailing Past Sorrento

  • Koonya Back

  • Green House

  • Collins Parade

  • Road to Portsea

  • Loquat

  • Loquat mixed media

  • White Flowers

  • Fantasy Bouquet

  • Magnolia with Blue Vase

  • Foliage in Pink Vase

  • Blue Lines 13

  • Blue Lines 5